Watches are designed for a specific purpose just as rulers, calibers and screwdrivers are designed to aid us in specific tasks. While a ruler is a tool that measures length, a watch is a tool that tells time.

While the very basis of products is to perform a function, it’s the form and make of tools that further draws us in and connects us to our craft. And if, like us, you are a watch wearer then you will know how incomplete you feel if you leave the house without a watch.

This spring we are exploring our initial connection to timepieces and the warm nostalgia behind horology. Our designs are literal translations by what it means to ‘measure time’.

We’ll be revisiting some of our staple VOID designs. Maintaining our penchant for neutral tones, we’ve opted to add a new colour combination to our V03D and Petite V03P line – an olive leather strap to our black case and white dials, adding a subtle hint of colour to any wardrobe.

Due to the success of our new PKG01 collection we will also be adding a black strap option to our gold cases for Spring 2017; a classic colour motif that will be a lovely addition to any watch collection.

We will have a selection of our best sellers available to preview at an exhibition we will be taking part in at the end of the month in Tokyo, Japan. Additionally, we will be showcasing our entire collection for the second year in a row at Clerkenwell Design Week (May 23-25). Hope to see you there!


Watch Founder and Designer David Ericsson elaborate on the Spring 'Tools That Tell Time' campaign on our Vimeo channel.

Watch 'Tools That Tell Time' on our Vimeo channel.

7 March, 2017