Fortunately most things in life cannot be categorised in black and white.

And while at times it may be initially easier to overlook some ideas, categorise people and things when it's more convenient for us, the power of polarities comes from the grey matter in between such opposites. It's addressing and understanding the grey space where we are able to find clarity and common ground. 

While curating our list of Best in Black and White we decided to embrace watches in limbo of categorisation. All but one watch are borderline monochromatic. Pops of red, shades of grey, and even a little yellow.

Served on a crisp ceramic plate, feast your eyes on the best monochromatic watches in our collection.


A Tool for Time |
If you're anything like us then you'll have a great appreciation for tools. From a draftsman's collection of rulers, to a sailor's compass, to a stationary hoarder... we're fans of all of the above and more. The face of the V03D, especially the V03D-BR/BL/WH, is the product of our literal translation of what it means to 'measure time'. We're interested in increments of time and like most punctual folks, find order in doing so.

The LBD of Accessories |
From time to time, certain cohorts of our society may acknowledge or make it a point to find a LBD or in layman terms, a 'Little Black Dress.' Well, if you're wondering what the LBD's equivalent is in the world of accessories, you're staring at it. The V03P-BL/BL/WH is yes, little (we call it Petite), black and with its bright white dial, makes its own statement.

The Digital Horizon  |
Our V01MKII-SI/BL is a quintessential piece of VOID's identity. This is the watch that placed us on the market. And while we have to admit that it's quirky square case gives the watch both its appeal and its question marks, it stands for the original brand ethos that founder and designer David Ericsson carried in the back of his mind when starting VOID in 2008 – "watches for designers, by designers." This particular colourway makes it onto our list before other V01s and V02s for its neutrality in materials: untampered stainless steel case and basic black leather strap. From an industrial stand point, its lack of colour is as neutral as one can get. 

The All Black Chronograph |
This is our Steve McQueen of watches. The V03C-BL/BL/BL is sporty, but not gaudy and reminiscent of a modern mid-century speedometer. One of our favourite features is that even against the watch's black dial, all six hands (four white, two red) of the chronograph can be clearly read.

The Polished Chronograph | The V03C-PO/CN/SV is our only VOID Watch with a sunray brushed dial. Paired with the crocodile printed leather straps and a polished case, the two textural details make for an elegant timepiece. This is where character and elegance meet.

The Modern Mechanic | How many variations can you make on a black and 'white' watch? Here's a few more. While our V03M collections bares classic geometric shapes found in mid-century watch design, we wanted to give three options for our monochromatic V03Ms. First our V03M-SI/BL (and pictured above) is the black dial and case paired with a clean premium black leather strap – a modern staple to one's collection. Then there's the black Milanese V03M which is the perfect companion for formal outings. Finally, our V03M-BL/TB also comes in a Swedish vegetable tanned black leather strap makes the watch more rugged and sensitive to natural materials. 


White ceramic plate by our friends Jesse and Julie of Latitude 22N.


22 February, 2017