Design: David Ericsson

It is said that we’re all products of the environment we grow up in. If there’s ever been any doubt about this statement, take a look at the V03D-STLHM, the latest release from VOID Watches.

Inspired by the icons of the Swedish capitol, every detail of this watch is a gentle reminder of a city the Swedes have called their capitol since 1634 and that the world have known as the capitol of Scandinavian Design since the 1930 World Expo.

This limited edition watch was based on the modern classic V03D collection with a stainless steel 38mm case but as Mies van der Rohe said, God is in the details.

The watch is generally inspired by clocks used in the Stockholm underground which use clear black hour indexes. The font used throughout the design is called Esseltube and has, in a few different versions, been used since the first underground trains started to run in Stockholm. The font was originally created by Stig Åke Möller and later digitalised by Bo Berndal.

At 8 o’clock you’ll notice that a ‘0’ has been added in front of the ‘8’ to form the Stockholm area code of ‘08’ used on fixed telephone lines. In Sweden, native Stockholmers are knows as 08’s. The blue calf leather strap gets its colour from the original branding of the Stockholm underground where the trains and signage were all blue.

The triangular pattern on the case back is borrowed from David Helldén’s iconic Sergel's Torg, the most central public square in Stockholm. The same pattern is also used on the packaging but with the signature blue colour.

Welcome to Stockholm.


The V03D-STHLM is a limited edition piece with only 300 being produced.

2 November, 2016