Design: David Ericsson

Introducing the third watch from our Research and Development Department, the V03D-METIS. Following the success of the Hugin and Munin series and once again inspired by our fondness for outer space and mythology, we’ve named this timepiece after asteroid 9 Metis.

In 1948, Irish astronomer Andrew Graham discovered the large piece of rock, 9 Metis, nestled between Mars and Jupiter. As one of the larger main-belt asteroids it’s believed to be the core 10% remnant of a larger asteroid once destroyed by an ancient collision.

Asteroid 9 Metis was named after the Greek Oceanid, Metis, whom was of the Titan generation and Zeus’s first wife. She embodied wisdom, cunningness and craft. She was also the mother of Zeus’s first two children. The first, Athena, was similar to her mother in the sense that she was the goddess of wisdom and craft. She also stood for inspiration, mathematics, strategy, and a slew of other notable qualities. 

Building off our iconic V03D, Metis pairs our brushed stainless steel case with a matching grey strap for an overall muted monochromatic appeal. The face of Metis uses sans serif roman numerals against a stark white dial. With our signature red second hand, the watch is subtly graphical.

The V03D-METIS is a limited edition piece with only 300 being produced. 

2 August, 2016