"Trying to catch people's attention to something so far removed from their daily reality which barely impacts them is hard. But if we cover all bases, we can make in-roads into their awareness."
— MSF Nurse Fiona Bass

With so much strife happening in the world we felt an obligation to lend a helping hand. This spring we have decided to support a charity we greatly admire, Doctors Without Borders.  Their ethos is one that resonates with us and is one we hope to emulate it in some way, if even in a small way.

With this in mind we have decided to donate 5% of every order placed to Doctors Without Borders with the hope of raising awareness and helping our fellow humans.

Change starts with just one person, and in this case a single watch.


Doctors Without Borders was established in 1971 during a time when sending on-the-ground medical help beyond the limits of one's country was a foreign concept. Amid war, natural disasters and epidemics, the need for actual doctors rather than volunteers became a necessity and is still an issue that needs constant addressing. The organisations humanitarian action of sending medical aid where it's needed most led them to earning the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999 and they're currently providing aid in more than 60 countries.


Learn more about the people and stories of Doctors Without Borders:


25 March, 2017