There are a lot of things that can happen within 366 days.

While our team has seen new faces and has said goodbye to others we’ve been revisiting and reworking what our brand embodies, something that we will always continue to explore and grow. A product of that process resulted in the launch of a new product line, the PKG01, which has been received well above our expectations. We’ve also added a handful of new designs to existing collections while repackaging others.

Air miles wise we've made our annual visits to London, New York and California for tradeshows and collectively to Germany, Sweden, Myanmar, and New Mexico simply to have fun. We’ve extended our partnerships and collaborations with some great companies and individuals including MoMA, Dezeen, Designtorget, Need Supply, Maria Van Nguyen and Damon Shuler to name a few. Above this we’ve also made time to renovate our office!

Thank you all so much for your support this past year and we hope that the next year will be full of adventures and possibilities! We’ll keep traveling in 2017, stay tuned here, we hope to see you.

Here’s to a 2017 full of laughter, love and inspiration! 

 – David Ericsson and the VOID Watches Team



1. Detail of Silvia Marlia’s Home | While we’ve had a blog on our website for over two years now it wasn’t until 2016 where we started to really create content. We photographed Silvia’s story very early in 2016 and would like to continue to make more stories surrounding like-minded folks that we organically meet.

2. Studio Sessions | Our friend Ben, senior designer at Michael Young Studio and all around amazing guy, was kind enough to be our model for our recent Stockholm campaign. Fun facts: he was actually the first friend that VOID founder David Ericsson made in Hong Kong and the two (along with one other designer) would later share a band called Poubelle International.
3. The PKG01 | In the past couple of years we’ve been making both small and big upgrades to our existing collections such as the sleeker cases and more refined finishes of the V01MKII and V02MKII. While the idea of also slimming down our bestselling V03D was brought up, we decided to postpone such a change and create an entirely new product line which, would unlike the V01’s and V02’s broaden our audience. Thus the PKG01 was born – a classic collection that departs from our brand’s industrial look and still maintains simplicity at its core.

4. Fabian Öhrn | The history of our brand has seen two photographers: Fabian Öhrn and Amanda Kho. Fabian is responsible for really giving initial life and breathe to our brand with his landscape shot of our V01s and V02s floating in a paper matrix. Since the initial shoot in 2009 he has gone on to shoot still lives for much larger companies. He’s still kind enough offer to photograph for us!

5. New York, New York | Find us here again in January 2017 for a trunkshow at Goose Barnacle. We’ll also be exhibiting at Liberty, and NY NOW.

6. The Metis | This Limited Edition of 300 pieces is the product of our interest for space and mythology. We may be repackaging this watch to be a fuller set later this year so stay tuned!

7. Damon Shuler | Towards the end of 2016 we were very deliberate in seeking out genuine folks on social media that we could connect with beyond their admirable number of followers. We stumbled across the Instagram of Damon Shuler. What really peaked our interest about this Chicagoan designer was his old fim camera collection which included a beautful medium format Mamiya RB67. It's good to note that we also appreciated his NASA book.

8. The V02MKII | For our Fall/Winter shoot we aimed to photograph our newest and most modern designs like the V01 and V02s in a classic chiaroscuro light. Shot against an olive background, the combination of darker shadows and movement particularly found in the female shots add more warmth to our imagery which usually tends to be much more neutral or cool coloured.

9. MoMA Collaboration | One of our favourite collaborations is with the Museum of Modern Art. We designed a limited edition gold V03D with a custom dial for the museum which has since sold out online. Fear not, there may be another project on the horizon!

10. Maria Ngyuen | We’re hoping to work more with Maria in the coming year. She was one of the first creatives on our list that we wanted to collaborate with and put together her own V03P combination of a polished case with an olive leather strap.

11. London Calling | Find us in London again for Clerkenwell and Designjunction. This photo was taken by graphic designer Jamie Kao. Take a gander at her blog to follow her recent travels.

12. Stockholm | As Ludwig Mies van der Rohe coined, ‘God is in the details,’ and indeed our last Limited Edition of 2016 is a testament to that statement. With a limited production of 300 pieces, the V03D-STHLM watch is a tribute to Stockholm. During your next visit to the Swedish capitol, take the underground metro and see whether you can connect all the details of the dial and case to their original inspirations.

13. London Design Week | We exhibited once again at Designjunction at King’s Cross under the Canopy and had an amazing reception of new and old faces. Find us back here again later this September.

14. California | During the summer of 2016 we tested our feet in new waters by taking exhibiting at Agenda, Long Beach. While we usually opt for more design, retail and accessory related shows it was an eye opening experience to showing amongst a lifestyle show dominated by street and skate culture. Like most shows it was a great space to meet new people and emerging brand including Jake of Great Bear Wax Co.


31 December, 2016