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Images are free to use for editorial purposes, please motify VOID Watches on publication.

Images are free to use for editorial purposes, please motify VOID Watches on publication.

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    • Do all VOID watches have back light function?

      The V01EL and V01MKII collections have a blue/green backlight that is activated by the press of a button. Our V03 Collections has luminecent hands.

    • Does the nylon NATO strap fit to all VOID models?

      Currently we only have NATO style nylon straps in 18mm width, these straps only fit our round V03 watch collections (V03A/B/C/D/M).


    • What size should I order for my replacement strap?

      Our watches use a few different sizes depending on your model:

      - V03P (ladies size) use a 14mm strap.
      - V03A, B, C, D and M use an 18mm strap.
      - V01MKII and V02MKII use a 22mm strap.
      - Our older V01/V01EL and V02 models use a 24mm strap.


      If you’re still not sure what strap to order, email us at info@voidwatches.com!

    • I have small wrists, will it look good on me?

      Yes it will! If you scroll down on each product page we've taken some photos to illustrate how the watch sits on a wrist.

    • Can I purchase a different watch strap?

      Yes, we do have additional straps available for sale on our website with additional colour options on both straps and buckles. You'll find the collection here , please remember that we sell straps and buckles separately. Why? Because the buckles can be reused so if you replace a strap you can keep using your old one. We also think it looks better if the buckle is matched to the case and since some strap colors come with different case colors selling buckles separately offers more choices.

    • I’m sensitive to nickel, can I still wear your watches?

      We use jewellery grade stainless steel in everything we do and the nickel levels are so low they shouldn’t give any allergic reactions even for people sensitive to nickel.

    • How do you change the strap on VOID Watches?

      Apart from our SOND and PXR5 collections (both models come with instructions on how to change straps), our leather straps are attached with a stainless steel spring bar, similar to most other watches. Your local watch store will know how to change the straps, should you need help. However, if you enjoy tinkering with watches as much as we do, we do sell the tool necessary to change the strap here

    • Are the watches waterproof?

      Yes, all our watches are waterproofed. However, to make the watch lasts as long as possible, especially the nice leather strap. We recommend avoiding water as much as possible.

    • How do you change the buckle on VOID Watches?

      Simply push the spring bar through the small hole on the side of the buckle. You can use a paper clip or even better, this tool.

    • How does the alarm function work on V03A?

      Pull the crown out to the 1st position. - Turn the crown clockwise to set the alarm indicator.


      To activate the alarm, pull the alarm button out, the alarm function is now set. - To deactivate the alarm, push the alarm button fully.

    • How do you change the time and date on V01EL?

      To Set Time and Date:
      Press A to enter setting mode.
      Press A again to select, second, hour, minute, month and day.
      Press B to adjust the flashing item.

      When setting, the flashing seconds can be reset to zero by pressing B.

    • Who designed the watches?

      All of our watches, with the exception of the PXR5, were created by Swedish designer, David Ericsson. We have also done some collaborations timepieces with others brands and designers such as Cereal, Ghostly International, Feinfracht and Australian designer Oli. We recently introduced Michael Young’s iconic PXR5 design to VOID Watches permanent collection. For more information about the designer of a specific model, please visit our “About” page here.

    • Does the stainless steel strap fit to all VOID models?

      Our classic stainless steel straps are only for our V01EL and V02 collections. Our new Milanese Strap fits on our V01MKII, V03M and V03D models.

    • The V02 looks great but how does it work?

      The V02 uses two ‘compass needle’ hands, the short hand representing the hours and the long the minutes as on any other watch. Each hand has one red and one white tip where each colour corresponds to the matching coloured digit on the dial. You'll get used to it, we promise!


    • How do you adjust the width of the stainless steel strap?

      We use classic solid stainless steel bracelets because of their look/feel and superiour quality. Because of this the bracelets can be difficult to adjust if you have a very large or very small wrists (there's a quick adjustment for the average wrist). However, any watch store will have the necessary tools to help you adjust the bracelet.


      If you know you have a very large wrist, please contact us directly at info@voidwatches.com and we can provide you with some extra links for the bracelet.

    • Condensation Issue.

      Unfortunately, condensation is very difficult to avoid under certain circumstances. Quick temperature changes are the most obvious situation and usually the condensation will disappear by itself and without causing harm to the watch. Our watches are airtight, but the air inside the watch (from the room where it’s assembled) will always have some humidity in it since it can’t be made 100% dry.

    • I wanna engrave my watch. Is it possible?

      Yes, we can engrave most of our watches, except for the SOND and PXR-5 Collections. Kindly note that an additional fee will be applied, the engraving will take an extra five (5) working days to complete. Please email us at info@voidwatches.com for more information.

    • I am allergic to your leather strap(s).

      Most of our leather straps are made from high quality calf leather with a nubuck lining. We have also launched a line of vegetable tanned leather. Both of these, on very rare occasions, may cause an allergic reaction. If you have experienced an allergic reaction or sensitivity to similar products, please consult your physician for further advice.

    • I am allergic to your metal bracelet(s).

      Our metal straps are made of solid stainless steel; on very rare occasions this has caused an allergic reaction. If you have experienced an allergic reaction or sensitivity to similar products, please consult your physician for further advice.

    • Can I have a custom order?

      We can accommodate custom orders. Please contact us at info@voidwatches.com for more details.

    • Do you delivery to P.O. Box or Military Service Address?

      We do deliver to PO Boxes, please note that we can only do so via Registered Mail, which will take longer then Fedex. Approximately 14-21 days.


      Yes, we can ship to Military Service addresses, however it can be complicated. Please contact us at info@voidwatches so that we can better assist you with your order.


    • maintenance

    • What type of battery you use on your watches?

      Battery types are specified on the warranty card that comes with the watch and also on each watch's product page on this site.


      VOID Watches do not recommend you to change the battery yourself. Without proper tools, you may further damage the watch!

    • I have accidentally dropped my watch and damaged the display screen, is it possible to replace the screen only?

      Our watches can be repaired for a fee. Please contact info@voidwatches.com for more information.

    • Are VOID Watches and straps okay for extreme sports?

      No. Our watches are water resistant not water proof, so we recommend not exposing them to large amounts of water. Also, the leather and metal straps are not made to withstand extreme conditions. 

    • How to keep my straps clean?

      Please note that when cleaning any of our straps it is a good idea to detach the strap from the case to avoid damaging it.


      VOID Watches’ leather straps are made from soft, calf leather; they are tanned and colored using natural vegetable dyes. Over time, they will develop a natural patina, including marks and stains, which add character with age. Because of the porous nature of leather, contact with water or solvents should be avoided. It is also vulnerable to dirt, grease, smoke and other environmental toxins.  If it is necessary to clean, use a damp cloth and rub both sides of the strap carefully, try using a leather saddle soap if it is in need of a deep cleaning. Allow strap to dry fully before wearing it again


      Our Milanese mesh bracelets are produced from stainless steel. These straps will not tarnish or rust if they are washed properly. First, please use warm water and, only if required, a mild detergent. Second, please do not submerge or place the watch under running water, dirt and grime in between the fine links can be removed with a soft bristle brush. Finally, please ensure the crown of your watch is secure before cleaning.


      For our Nylon straps cleaning is a bit simpler. Fill a bowl with warm water and a tiny bit of laundry detergent. Place the strap (case removed) in the bowl and allow it to soak for a few hours. Then gently squeeze to remove any excess water and allow the strap to dry over night.

    • My watch case has scratches. What can I do?

      Unfortunately nothing can be done about scratches on a watch. If you received your watch with scratches on it please contact info@voidwatches.com and we will assist you in anyway we can.

    • warranty

    • Is there a warranty?

      Yes, all VOID Watches products come with a two-year warranty, excluding select items where otherwise stated. If you are having troubles with your watch, please contact us directly on info@voidwatches.com.

    • Is the battery covered in the warranty?

      Unfortunately, batteries are not covered by warranty. All watches have gone through a full check before being sent out but they might have been in stock for some time and the battery might be partially depleted. Our analogue watches are normally stored with the crown disengaged to stop the watch from running (you will in that case see a small piece of plastic holding the crown in place) but this is unfortunately impossible with our digital watches. We see it a bit like buying a car, there's a bit of gas in the tank when you pick it up but after that it's your own responsibility to keep the tank with gas.


      For further details, please refer to Terms & Conditions.

    • Is the strap covered in the warranty?

      No, our straps are not covered under the warranty. You can buy a new strap on our website, if you do not see the one you are looking for please email us at info@voidwatches.com

    • Is the watch glass covered in the warranty?

      No, the glass is not covered under the warranty. If you have questions regarding the warranty please contact us at info@voidwatches.com

    • What are the procedures/costs of repair if the warranty of my watch is expired?

      The costs depends on what needs to be done. Please contact us directly at info@voidwatches.com for additional information and a quote on the repair.

    • Do you have service centres around the world?

      No, our only service center is located in Hong Kong. Please contact us directly at info@voidwatches.com with the issues regarding your watch, we will suggest the best way to handle it.

    • Do I need to register for the warranty?

      Yes, please follow the instructions on the warranty card located inside the VOID Watches packaging for information on how to register.

    • delivery

    • I’m thinking of buying a watch as a gift, does it come with a gift-wrap?

      At the moment we don't offer gift wrapping but our watches and cufflinks are delivered in a very nice paper gift box.

    • I am looking for a particular VOID model, but it seems like it is out of stock, when do you have them restock?

      Planning productions is really difficult and sometimes we temporarily run out of stock on some items. We try to keep estimated delivery dates on the product page and you can also sign up to get notified when your favorite watch is back in stock. If you can't wait, please have a look at our list of retail partners here!

    • Where do you send out your products?

      All products are shipped from VOID Watches LTD, Unit 1204, Hollywood Centre, 233 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. 

    • How much is the shipping cost for the delivery?

      The cost of shipping is included in the prices shown on the website and this includes global shipping (we ship to all countries). For a majority of destinations we use FedEx, for countries who do not accept Fedex we use another method of shipping (DHL Global Mail, Registered Mail, etc.). You will always receive a tracking reference by email once your order is on its way.


      For additonal details, please refer to Terms & Conditions.

    • How long will it take to have my watch?

      During the holiday season we ship your order within 1 (one) working day of receiving it. For orders 155USD and above we automatically upgrade shipping to FedEx which normally takes 3-5 working days. For orders below 155USD we use registered mail which takes approximately 2 weeks to arrive. If you would like your order to arrive in a timley manner, upgrade your shipping method at checkout to FedEx for 25USD.

      Outside the holiday season we will normally ship your order within three (3) working days of receiving it. Depending on your order value we use different shipping methods.


      1.) For orders over 185USD we use FedEx or if Fedex is not accepted in your country we use a similar service. The delivery normally take 3-5 days and most orders reach their customers within a week after the order is placed. However, depending on customs in certain countries it can take a bit longer but rarely over two (2) weeks.


      2.) For orders under 185USD we ship with registered air mail. This normally takes approximately two (2) weeks, but during busy shipping periods take up to three to four (3-4) weeks.


      We do offer expedited shipping with FedEx Priority for a surcharge of 25USD. Please contact us on info@voidwatches.com before ordering. We're more than happy to help speed the process along!


      For further details, please refer to Terms & Conditions.

    • What happened if I have missed my delivery?

      Please contact the courier we used for your order with the tracking information we have provided. If you need additional assistance please contact us at info@voidwatches.com.

    • What can I do if my package is lost?

      You can contact the courier we sent your package through with the tracking information we provided. If you need additional assistance please contact us at info@voidwatches.com

    • What couriers do you use?

      The couriers we use depends on where we are shipping your order, please refer to the chart below. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at info@voidwatches.com


      Courier Name

      Order Size

      Ships To


      > 185USD

      Worldwide, except Russia

      Registered Mail

      < 185USD


      DHL Global Mail

      < 185USD

      USA, Europe

    • order

    • I have made a mistake on the purchasing, is it possible cancel the order?

      Yes, but only if we haven't already shipped the order so please email us directly on info@voidwatches.com with your order details.


      If the order has been dispatched, you still have a 14 day return period after you receive the product but then we will have to ask you to send the product back at your own expense.

    • Is there a return policy?

      Providing the watch has not been used or worn, there is a 14-day return/exchange period from the date that the watch was delivered to you. For returns, please email us at info@voidwatches.com to let us know you're sending your order back. Ship your order to our Hong Kong office at this address: VOID Watches LTD, Unit 1204, Hollywood Centre, 233 Hollywood Road, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong. Once we have received the returned product we will issue a refund via PayPal. Unfortunately, the returned shipping cost will not be refunded.


      For further details, please refer to Terms & Conditions.

    • Where else can I buy your products?

      We are stocked in over 100 stores globally, you can find a full list of retailers here.

    • I have made a purchase on your website, but I would like to amend some details. What can I do?

      You can email us on info@voidwatches.com with your order details, along with updated information. Please note that since we try to ship orders out as soon as possible you need to make sure you contact us as soon as possible!

    • Procedures of return / exchange.

      If you are unsatisfied with your purchase please contact us with the reason at info@voidwatches.com and we will help you with your return and/or exchange. Please note that there is a fourteen (14) day return / exchange period.

    • How can I track my order?

      As soon as your order ships we send out an email with the courier and tracking information. Please visit the courier’s website for up-to-date information.

    • My transaction cannot go through. What can I do?

      Please contact us at info@voidwatches.com and we will assist you with your transaction.

    • I have placed an order but I haven't received an order confirmation. What can I do?

      Please check your spam inbox, if you still cannot find the email kindly contact us at info@voidwatches.com and we will be able to assist you with your order confirmation.

    • Where can I add a discount code?

      You can enter your discount code on our check out page prior to clicking the “place order” button. If you have any questions please contact us at info@voidwatches.com.

    • What can I do if I receive a wrong or defective item?

      Please contact us directly at info@voidwatches.com and we will assist you with your return and/or exchange.

    • How can I make a purchase?

      Visit www.voidwatches.com and you make a secure online purchase on our full range of products. You can check out our full list of retailers here to see if there is a shop that carrys our products near you.

    • payment

    • Is VAT included?

      We ship all VOID Watches products from Hong Kong where our head office is based and where there is no VAT. Since local taxes vary you will have to refer to the local rules in your country. If you need assistance you can always reach us on info@voidwatches.com.


      For further details, please refer to Terms & Conditions.

    • How do I pay?

      We accept VISA, Mastercard and JCB. For AMEX cardholders please select PayPal for checkout. Kindly note that PayPal limits AMEX to select countries.

    • Is my online payment secure?

      Yes, we only work with the most reliable companies to make sure that our customer’s information is always protected.

    • Digital Security Certificate.

      Our website uses trusted SSL certificate to ensure confidentiality and privacy for your online shopping experience. 


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